Our Values

Love & Liberation

Spiritualize is committed to facilitating safe and sacred spaces for all people to be seen and heard with dignity and love. We denounce all forms of bigotry, violence, and exclusion. We acknowledge that we exist within the context of an oppressive cultural and political system that disproportionately targets Women, Black, Brown, Indigenous and Queer people. This reality continues to inform our efforts to act, reflect, and love more freely and abundantly as people who seek, receive, and extend the love of the Divine / sacred / God of our understanding.

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Dignity & Respect

Although the Spiritualize founders are Christian, Spiritualize is committed to meeting each and every person where they are with an open heart. We will not work to change, fix, or convert anyone to a particular faith. Our primary purpose is to help facilitate each person’s understanding and connection to the Divine Source, while upholding the dignity of each person we have the privilege of working with.

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Humility & Curiosity

The team at Spiritualize recognizes that we know only a little and life is always evolving. Through a willingness to remain open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences, we generate fertile ground for human connection and Divine Presence.

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Connection & Belonging

Spiritualize seeks to deepen our connection to one another and our understanding of God/The Divine/The Sacred, in all things we do.

Our awesome features

The Spiritualize Standard of Care Document.

As an application of our values, all of our practitioners have agreed to adhere to certain guiding principles to ensure the safety and quality discernment of each and every Seeker. Check out our Standard of Care Document here to learn more.

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