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Our Purpose.

At Spiritualize, we believe that Spirit thrives on listening and connection. We also believe that there are spiritual tools and solutions that can help us navigate the challenges of everyday life. We applaud those pushing for the cultural normalization of therapy that continues to propel deeper respect and acceptance of mental health support. At the same time, we believe that many of life’s challenges and opportunities must also be understood through a spiritual lens. The more courage we can muster to sit with the great mysteries, miracles, and miseries of our common experience, the more we grow in our propensity to love ourselves, and those with whom we share the journey inward, and outward. Our ultimate purpose is to become the most authentic version of ourselves, and we believe this authenticity is inspired by listening for our divine source, and human connection. This is our primary purpose, and the reason this platform exists today. We hope you see reason to participate in this conviction, and hope you will find here something unexpected; even if it is simply a question you never knew you needed to be asked. What might Spiritualize mean for you?

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