Spiritualize is on a mission to deliver Spiritual Direction to seekers everywhere.

Spiritualize serves as a platform to connect spiritual seekers to qualified spiritual companions for virtual Spiritual Direction. Our service is currently in development and coming soon! Sign up below to stay informed on our launch, learn a bit more about us, and discover how Spiritual Direction can help you on your journey.

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What is Spiritual Direction?

Our understanding and experience of Spiritual Direction comes from the ancient Christian tradition formalized by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century. This practice is not exclusive to Christianity’s Western colonial roots, and we recognize that not everyone’s experience of Spiritual Direction will be based on Ignatian Spirituality. Spiritual Practitioners listen to assist a Seeker understand their experiences in the context of faith and their journey with God or the Divine. Whether a Seeker needs to make a major life decision or simply articulate the definitions and purpose of their spirituality, Spiritual Direction offers a grounded, listening tradition to move deeper into wholeness, authenticity, and joy. Spiritual Direction is different from talk therapy and life coaching in that it orients the Seeker’s relationship with God or the Divine as the source of wholeness, authenticity and joy. A Practitioner supports the Seeker with this connection.

Diverse Network Anchored in Faith

Our Practitioners come from many different backgrounds and hold a variety of experiences. No matter where you are in your faith journey, there is someone in our network qualified to meet you where you are.

Qualified Support

Each of our Practitioners is carefully selected and screened to create a safe environment to seek God in all parts of your life.

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Our Purpose.

We believe that the proliferation of anxiety, stress, and depression, particularly among young people, is a call for greater spiritual support and attention by faith communities of all kinds. We ourselves have often struggled to feel or know a God of our understanding in different seasons of our lives, and have found the intimacy and attention of 1:1 Spiritual Direction to be a refreshing gift of renewal, and a reminder of our unconditional belovedness. Spiritualize offers a human-centered bridge for people helping people. We partner with a diverse and expansive range of spiritual companions, and are committed to providing a space for all to be seen, heard, and met where they are regardless of race, class, belief, sexual and gender orientation or ability. Everyone has a story to tell, and we believe every story should be held with care.


Our awesome features

Our Values.

Love & Liberation

Spiritualize is committed to facilitating safe and sacred spaces for all people to be seen and heard with dignity and love. We denounce all forms of bigotry, violence, and exclusion. We acknowledge that we exist within the context of an oppressive cultural and political system that disproportionately targets Women, Black, Brown, Indigenous and Queer people. This reality continues to inform our efforts to act, reflect, and love more freely and abundantly as people who seek, receive, and extend the love of God.

Our awesome features
Dignity & Respect

Although the founding Spiritualize team is Christian or Christian-adjacent, Spiritualize is committed to meeting each and every person where they are with an open heart. We will not work to change, fix, or convert anyone to a particular faith. Our primary purpose is to help facilitate each person’s understanding and connection to the Divine Source, while upholding the dignity of each person we have the privilege of working with.

Our awesome features
Humility & Curiosity

The team at Spiritualize recognizes that we know only a little and life is always evolving. Through a willingness to remain open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences, we generate fertile ground for human connection and Divine Presence.

Our awesome features
Connection & Belonging

Spiritualize seeks to deepen our connection to one another and our understanding of God, in all things we do.

Our awesome features

How It Will Work.

We aren't there yet, but we hope knowing our process will help you understand how Spiritualize can deepen your faith life and connection to God.

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Fill Out Our Spiritual Connections Form

This form helps us know what you are looking for, struggling with, and hoping to receive from a spiritual companion.

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Receive an Email with Your Suggested Matches

Within 1-2 business days we will email you with our suggested companion matches.

Our awesome features
Find Your Fit, Schedule with Ease

Once you have found a companion you are comfortable working with, you can schedule and pay for full Spiritual Direction sessions directly through Spiritualize.co.

Our Team

Meet our small but mighty team working to make Spiritual Direction accessible to all!

Miriam Morris

Miriam is a first-gen South Asian immigrant whose parents instilled in her the art of adapting to change. By the age of 12, she had lived in three countries and learned six languages. After college, she chased change through Arizona, Colorado, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area (a place her family has finally called home) and with a career in Supply Chain. She currently grounds herself in San Diego through the daily spiritual practice of chasing waves on her surfboard.

Ross Pennock

Ross is a South Dakota native who has directed art workshops with monks in France, produced music in Colorado, and guided tours at a brewery in Australia. He would describe his travels as a spiritual pilgrimage that culminated in completing his M.Div at Yale Divinity School. He aspires to build spiritual community and is looking forward to his ordination as an Episcopal priest in a couple of years.

Teresa Cariño Petersen
Community Advisor

Teresa Cariño Petersen, MTS is an educator and theologian interested in exploring just practices for personal and communal liberation. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Teresa has spent time in New York City and San Francisco working in parishes and community organizations, primarily exploring racial justice and spirituality. She graduated from the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, CA with a Masters in Theological Studies and wrote her thesis on the theological imperative for somatic discernment. She enjoys watching her dog run along Ocean Beach and delights in the life the urban seaside unfolds.

Rev. Joseph Cundiff
Partnerships Manager

Joseph is an Anglican priest and pastor, ordained in The Episcopal Church. Currently serving as an interim priest-in-charge in the Diocese of Long Island, he found his way to the Northeast after stints in the Midwest, Southeast, and Korea, his path to ordained ministry following congruous twists and turns. He is also actively involved with Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries Long Island, creating spaces for Asian American identity in the Episcopal Church. Hobbies like playing sports and making music keep him humble.

Support our Mission

Spiritualize is a grassroots project. We would love your support as we strive to make Spiritual Direction an accessible service to all. All donations will be used for the continued development of our web application, and to subsidize costs for Seekers in need of 1:1 Spiritual Direction services.

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