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A modern twist on an ancient practice. Rest & renew your spirit with qualified care today.

How It Works.

Follow the 3-step process to connect with the right Spiritual Practitioner to meet your Spiritual Direction needs.

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Fill Out Our Seeker Sign Up Form

This form helps us know what you are looking for, struggling with, or hoping to receive from a spiritual practitioner with Spiritual Direction sessions.

Our awesome features
Receive an Email with Your Suggested Matches

Within 1-2 days we will email you with our suggested 2-3 practitioner matches.

Our awesome features
Find Your Fit, Schedule with Ease

With free 15-minute consultations, you connect until you find the right practitioner you are comfortable working with. From there you can schedule and pay for full Spiritual Direction sessions directly through this platform.

Learn More About Our Team & Practitioners

Curious to know who we are? Learn more about us and our directory of practitioners here.

Support our Mission

Spiritualize is a grassroots project. We would love your support as we strive to make Spiritual Direction an accessible service to all. All donations will be used for the continued development of our web application, and to subsidize costs for Seekers in need of 1:1 Spiritual Direction services.